Tom Ford

3 Jul

At the moment these Lipsticks, Perfume and Body Cream are the only Tom Ford Items I own, perhaps one day I will be rich and/or skinny enough to buy some of his couture…a girl can dream eh?

Coco Ravish 

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Violet Fatale

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My Tom Ford Black Orchid Perfume and Body Lotion

The entire collection 🙂

I’m still yet to use the lipsticks (I just stare at them perched in their place of honour on top of my chest of drawers) but I cannot wait need a special occasion to whip them out, I’ve seen them on other bloggers and they look amazing! 🙂 Do any of you guys own any Tom Ford Beauty or even any Tom Ford clothing?


Crown Jewels

2 Jul

Here are some pretty jewels I found in Freedom at Outfit. The best thing about these beauties that they were all half price in the sales #winning. Topshop always do the best Jewellery sales I love scouring through them during sale season.




Which is your favourite piece? Did you pick up any bits in the freedom sale?

Jeffery Campbell studded Litas

30 Jun


These have been about for a while and I love them. Unfortunately I am an epic size 7 foot and I tried them on in Office and made my feet look like big ole boats. Ahhh the perils of being a larger footed lady 😦

You can get a hold of these beauties in selected office stores and retailing at £145 they also doing them on the Dolls Boutique website (although they’re often sold out)

Do any of you own a pair of Litas? How would you style them?

Oh Pat!

29 Jun

One of my biggest style icons is Pat Butcher. I was gutted when they (cruelly) killed her off!  Pat’s love of Leopard print , Big Earrings and well groomed hair and make up are definitely things that are important in my own personal style, I think every girl needs a bit of what I call Pat Butcher Swag. Here are some of my favourite Pat Butcher looks.

Images Courtesy of

Here’s my version of Pat Butcher Swag which I wore to Hackney Weekender, this Bomber Jacket was just £25 at my local Beyond Retro…

What’s your favourite Pat Butcher Look? Mine is 100% the leopard print coat! 🙂

On my travels

10 Jun

Hi Guys welcome to my first Blog Post! I thought I’d start by showing you some of my latest purchases.

The title of this Blogpost is somewhat ironic as the furthest I actually travelled was to see my grandad in Bristol ( with a pit stop in Swindon) but I did manage to pick up some cool bits the best part being all of them were reduced or on sale. More pictures to follow with me actually wearing these items on my actual summer adventures but that’s another blog post 😉


This gorgeous fringed River Island dress was a bargain at £25!


Love this studded River Island dress and you can’t go wrong with £25

What bargains have you picked up in the summer sales?

Illamasqua Eyelashes

3 Jun




I picked up these gorgeous eyelashes at the Illmasqua boutique in Carnaby Street. I’ve always passed the Illmasqua store and tried things on but never brought anything in there, but I was given these as a gift and I’m really excited to wear them and I of course will post here when I do 🙂