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Jet setter

14 Jul

So even though I have just got back I’m off again this time to Ibiza! Ive never been so Im really excited!!!

When I get back I will be doing a post on holiday beauty products and some of those outfit posts I keep promising… See you on the other side.


Es Pardis, Ibiza


Wish you were here…

5 Jul


So I’ve been blogging here for just over a week 🙂 thank you to the 63 people who have passed by the 2 lovely bloggers who have commented, and all those who have tweeted me or followed me twitter. I know some blogs have hundreds of views, comments and followers and I’m hoping to build this up over time but I want to thank those who are here are the beginning of my journey 🙂

Anyways enough ramblings from me! I’m off for a long weekend on a beach so won’t be blogging until some time next week. But I will be back with some outfit posts (eek!), travel tips, pictures of my journey, and beauty reviews (as I’m taking some new products to try on holiday)

So until next week. Kisses from Rio x